Keep Your Beach Waves All Year Long

November 01, 2018

Keep Your Beach Waves All Year Long

The hardest thing about the end of summer is saying goodbye to slow, sunny days at the beach. Salty water and abundant sunshine give your hair those mermaid quality beach waves that just don’t happen on their own the rest of the year.

It is possible to keep summer going and keep that coveted beachy look. You don’t even need to use hot tools. The secret is using texturizer products.

There are hundreds of sprays out there all claiming to give you that mermaid hair you crave. We’ve done the research and have the scoop on the best products so that you can achieve that straight-off-the-beach look all year round.

Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray

Sexy Hair, the aptly named brand of professional grade hair products, has a spray that is both texturizing and rejuvenating. Soy Renewal Beach Spray is a potent combo of sea salt, soy protein, argan oil and algae extract that gives your hair body and hold so those waves last you all day.

Soy Renewal Beach Spray

This unique formula not only gives you those coveted beach waves, it also strengthens, nourishes and protects your hair.  Even though it may be the dead of winter, you’ll still look like the Queen of the Sea.

To texturize, spray this formula on damp hair and let air dry. If you’d like to really add oomph, blow dry with a diffuser. Soy Renewal Beach Spray can also be applied to dry hair if you’d like a splash of volume when you’re on-the-go.

TIGI Bed Head Beach Me Gel Mist

Bed Head is the leading brand of hair products for those natural, “I woke up like this” looks. Beach Me Gel Mist is no exception.

Beach Me Gel Mist

This formula magically transforms from a gel to a mist to control frizz and give you a buildable hold. The key ingredient is marine algae extract which comes from seaweed that is mineral rich and is naturally able to prevent drying out.

As a bonus, Beach Me Gel Mist has a UV filter which naturally aids in protecting your hair from the sun’s harmful rays. Give yourself texture and protection all in one spray.

Apply this cool mist to wet hair and scrunch. Then allow it to air dry. This unique blend will protect hair from humidity for up to 24 hours and keep your curls tight.

AG Hair Sea Spray

For all of the eco-conscious mermaids out there, AG Hair is one of the top natural hair care brands. They consistently create products that deliver results, all without the harmful chemicals.

AG Hair Sea Spray is your all-natural go-to for that beachy look. This volumizing blend has AG’s powerful Sea Complex, an infusion of three seaweed extracts that work together to rejuvenate, condition and strengthen hair. In addition to the Sea Complex, AG Hair Sea Spray contains Vitamin E, amino acids and spring pea protein.

To apply, spray onto wet hair and work through with your fingers until you achieve your desired texture. You can also apply to dry hair for a wavy finish and added volume. This product also has a long-lasting hold, so you can keep your waves long into the night.

Easy and Effortless

Why spend hours with a curling iron or flat iron when a good texturizer spray can give you those beach waves in only a few minutes? Check out these sprays and more on LaLaDaisy. We have all the products you need to keep your beachy look going all year.

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