Leave-In Conditioner: The Solution to Dry Hair Season

by Stacy Merrill January 10, 2019

Leave In Conditioner

Leave-In Conditioner: The Solution to Dry Hair Season

Winter can be tough on your tresses - strong winds, brutal cold and low humidity are just some of the conditions that can cause dryness, all of which make proper winter hair care more important than ever. Don’t stress - a good leave-in conditioner can really help. Here are some answers to your questions about these wonderful products.

Why Choose Leave-In Conditioner?

Conditioners made with intensive leave-in formulas have a number of benefits that are important for hair health all year long, but especially so in the chilly, unforgiving winter. Some of the hair perks you can get from these conditioners include the following:

  • They make your hair stronger, making it more resilient against dryness and damage.
  • If your hair is dry, they add moisture and silkiness that lasts all day, every day.
  • They remove the knots and tangles that winter winds bring, making brushing a breeze.
  • When your hair gets limp and dull from your winter routine, they freshen it up - fast.
  • The moisture provided by them keeps deepening as the treatment soaks in all day.
  • The nourishing ingredients in most formulas protect your hair throughout the season.

There are other benefits to using leave-in products that you can enjoy all year long as well as from December through March. These are some of them:

  • They protect against heat styling, so you can keep using your favorite tools and styles.
  • The ingredients in them tend to help your hair repair itself, leading to longer strands.
  • Most formulas can enhance the results of your style efforts and any related products.
  • Products exist for many different needs, preferences, budgets and hair types.
  • They often make your hair softer and more manageable, which makes styling simpler.

These are all great perks, but one of the best ones is the fact that, once your conditioner is applied, you can generally style your hair as you normally would. No waiting, drying or extra steps - just apply and go. This convenience and simplicity may be why these formulas are so popular today, especially since everyone is always on the lookout for time-saving beauty hacks.

As you can see, there are many benefits to adding a leave-in conditioner to your beauty care routine. Why not try one out this winter, when your hair needs some of the most loving care that it will require all year? Since they are so simple and beneficial, you really have nothing to lose.

What Products Should You Use?

If we’ve sold you on the benefits of leave-in conditioners - and we are pretty sure we did - you are probably wondering what products you should choose to get the best results. The answer varies depending on your hair and its specific needs. Keep reading to better understand why this is the case.

Certain hair types and styles may call for a more specialized type of product than your standard leave-in options at the supermarket or drugstore. For instance, curls can benefit from the Living Proof Curl Travel Kit, which contains several reparative hair care products. If your hair is curly or kinky, you will really want to do your research and make sure your chosen conditioner contains the ingredients your hair needs to stay beautiful and healthy.

As with curly hair, hair that is dyed, damaged, thick or thin may all need different conditioners to see the best results. Again, you should always make sure to do your research before you buy. Don’t be afraid to try different conditioners until you find your perfect match - the results will be completely worth it.

While hunting down the right products is important, having too many options can be overwhelming for some women. If you want to be sure that you are getting a reliable conditioner that works for most hair types, but want to keep things simple, try Unite’s 7 Seconds Condition Leave In Detangler, which soaks in within only seven seconds and nourishes dry, damaged hair throughout the day.

Picking out the right formula will not always come easy to you at first, even if you think you are a beauty and hair care expert. Once you have been working with leave-in products for a while, you will get a better feel for what works and what doesn’t - and your locks will thank you for your new winter hair care routine.

How Should You Use Your Leave-In Product?

Now that you understand why you should use leave-in conditioner and have picked out your first bottle, you are probably wondering how you should use it, and if the whole process will end up being too confusing. Don’t worry - we have the advice you are looking for to get the best bang for your buck.

First of all, it is important to know how much conditioner is too much. As a general rule, most ladies should only use leave-in products a couple of times each week. Any more applications could lead to some nasty buildup, so try to remember that less is more, even in the dead of winter.

Remember that your hair has to be clean and not super wet for your conditioner to work as it should. Make sure that your hair is thoroughly washed and sufficiently towel-dried before applying any leave-in product. If your hair still seems waterlogged after towel drying, you should squeeze it out with a dry towel before proceeding.

You should separate your hair into sections before you apply your conditioner, and then carefully apply it from the ends up. If you have trouble getting the product to stick, try using a gentle wide-tooth comb. Make sure not to pull on the comb too hard to minimize your risk for breakage and hair loss.

While you may think that your leave-in conditioner should be focused on the lower sections of your hair, you should remember to massage it into the roots and scalp area, as well. Many ladies have as much dryness at the top of their heads as they do at the very tips of their hair strands.

If some areas of your hair seem drier than others, you will want to focus more energy on them. Add a little extra conditioner and worry less about silkier spots. As with anything else hair-related, some experimentation is usually required to make the right choice for you and your locks.

Even when your hair is challenging you to be as stressed out as possible, the right product can turn it in around and make you feel absolutely beautiful. The right leave-in conditioner can transform your winter blues into gorgeous and healthy hair.

No matter the season or your hair care need, LaLa Daisy has just what you are looking for. We offer all of the products you love and trust at prices you can afford. Check out our whole hair care lineup today! You may even find that you want to check out some of our other budget-friendly, high-quality beauty products while you are browsing.

Stacy Merrill
Stacy Merrill


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