Spotlight on Davines Natural Shampoo and Hair Products

April 14, 2018

Spotlight on Davines Natural Shampoo and Hair Products

More than ever before shoppers are becoming aware of the environmental impact that their daily choices have. Issues like excessive packaging lead to increased landfill waste, which has led an increasing number of customers to seek out companies that share their personal commitment to being eco-conscious.

Davines Champions is a company that stands out for having taken the initiative when it comes to developing natural, sustainable, and eco-conscious natural hair products for discerning customers – all without sacrificing the high standard of quality they are known for. This year, celebrate Sustainable Beauty Day with the help of the master beauty technicians at Davines Champions

What Does Sustainable Beauty Look Like?

To be sustainable, a system cannot consume more energy than it generates; otherwise an imbalance occurs and excessive waste is generated. A sustainable beauty company is therefore one that uses energy wisely, without generating excessive waste products that must be dealt with.

This can mean using machinery that has been engineered for highly efficient operation. This can also mean using raw materials that have been created with the intention of reducing waste at every stage of the production process. The result is a leaner, more cost-effective process, that generates less waste.

This is a better model for productivity and is the gold standard of industries around the world. Davines Champions has achieved this standard and has done so without compromising the quality or integrity of their products.

Zero Impact Products

Every stage of production has the potential to generate waste, which must be managed in some way. The traditional approach to manufacturing has always been to let someone else worry about the waste; the result is polluted land, air, and water – the burden of a single company’s gain has been shifted to a collective loss.

This is irresponsible and Davines Champions wanted to do things differently. Zero impact processes have been developed to reduce waste generation and to offset that generation with cleanup and restoration efforts. They work with raw material providers that share their dedication to environmental responsibility and make zero impact part of their fundamental philosophy.

The Three Pillars of Davines Champions Success

Simply wanting to achieve a more sustainable, responsible way of doing business is not enough; these goals require clarification and dedication. This company has articulated three particular goals that support their overarching philosophy:

  • Sustainability – Resources must come from a source that can be maintained for generations, not exhausted through irresponsible management. This goal is important because it benefits the company, its employees, and people everywhere.
  • Philosophy – Creating and promoting beauty is at the heart of the Davines Champions code of ethics. This philosophical stance led to the development of products that suit a wide range of customer needs; they want no one left out of the beauty revolution.
  • Lifestyle – Davines Champions believes that sustainable, zero-impact beauty can be a normal part of everyone’s daily lifestyle. They have developed life-enhancing products that speak to the universal need to care for the self in a healthy and responsible way.

These three pillars are the guiding principles behind Davines Champions and especially its development of a more eco-conscious way of doing business. They remain committed to creating high quality hair care products that utilize natural ingredients capable of delivering a host of nutrients and moisture. Select daily-use products and products intended to treat dandruff and other conditions. No matter what kind of hair you have – smooth, coarse, frizzy, or curly – you can find natural shampoos and conditioners made with your personal needs in mind.

About Davines Champions

This celebrated company was founded in Parma, Italy in 1983. Although it started out as a laboratory exploring haircare, it soon branched out to include beauty in all its dimensions. A dedication to family has helped develop the Davines Champions dedication to environmental responsibility. Today this international company retains its Italian roots – all products are still formulated and crafted in Parma.

Your Source for Top Quality Hair Care and Beauty Products

Lala Daisy is well-known as a top provider of high quality makeup, skin care, hair care, and beauty products for every skin type. We are pleased to offer natural shampoo and conditioner from Davines Champions including the sought-after VOLU Volume Booster Hair Mist.

Davines Volu hair Mist

Davines offers natural solutions for common hair issues such as breakage, with anti-breakage shampoo and other products available.

We offer free shipping as well as deep discounts on leading products. Check out these leading products from Davines on LaLa Daisy’s website today.

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