How To: Blush Bomb

by Leslie Perrin October 10, 2019

How To: Blush Bomb

When doing their makeup, many women spend a lot of time learning how to craft the perfect eye, choosing a precise shade of lipstick, and contouring their face after applying foundation. However, one simple trick to achieving the most breathtaking face is sometimes overlooked.

If you want to elevate your appearance to a different dimension, you should be sure to blush bomb. Here is how to perfectly pull off one of this season’s prettiest looks.

Learn To Blush

The reason for using blush is easy: it gives you a glow and helps light up your face. Blush comes in several different formulations, and it is good to learn different ways of application depending upon what you are using. Some options available are:

  • Cream blush
  • Powder blush
  • Cream-to-powder blush
  • Stick blush
  • Cheek tint
  • Liquid blush

Discover Your Best Option

If you are wondering how to choose the right formula for you, a general rule is that the creaminess of cream or stick blush works best on dry skin types, while powder helps more oily skin. Cheek tint and liquid blush can be used successfully by any skin type. Experiment with using a brush, beauty blender or even your fingers to apply your product.

Decide Upon Your Aura

Makeup has the power to instantly and temporarily transform not only your face, but also your entire persona. Do you want to be a natural beauty, or are you seeking the attention that a bombshell craves? Once you settle on what you want the day’s look to be, you can carefully coordinate your makeup to suit that image.

Project Some Swagger

For example, going bolder in the eye and lips may call for some drama on your cheeks, as well. One good choice to blush bomb is Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush 15 Smoldering Plum. Use a brush to apply it in upward circles towards your temples to give your cheeks a sophisticated air when paired with a stylish eye.

Stay True to You

Women seeking a sweet, natural face would do well to find a shade of blush that echoes their subtle projection of confidence. A great selection for nearly every skin tone is the very soft and gorgeous Youngblood Crushed Mineral Blush Tulip. By applying a swipe of this mineral product across each cheek, you can mimic a real flush.

Break All the Rules 

When you love to experiment, you may want to be demure and reserved one day and brash and brave the next. An ideal way to try out many different looks is by using a palette so you can mix and match depending upon your mood. When paired with the Jane Iredale In Touch Highlighter, the Jane Iredale Naturally Matte Eye Shadow Kit gives you the opportunity to coordinate your face with your current disposition and change it as you see fit.

For other great blush ideas, be sure to check out the many amazing options found at LaLa Daisy. An application of blush has the ability to help you complete your makeup look and feel the confidence to take on the day. With an incredible range of hues and a variety of natural formula possibilities, the perfect blush is out there for you.

Leslie Perrin
Leslie Perrin


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