Why You Should Get Yourself a Shave Brush

June 25, 2018

Why You Should Get Yourself a Shave Brush

The art of the shave has returned with a vengeance. Everywhere you look, you see men devoted to the growth and care of their facial hair, and with that devotion comes a commitment to the best shaving experience.

Whether you or your man prefers a full beard or a smooth face, you may want to add a shave brush to your shaving ritual. Here’s everything you need to know about why and how to use a shave brush.

Saving Face

An old-fashioned shave is a ritual that adds a level of relaxation and self-care for men that they may not experience in other ways. Much like some people soak in a fragrant bath or get manis and pedis, shaving is one of those everyday tasks that can become almost a ceremony.

Beyond the pleasure of shaving, you can see other benefits from using a shave brush as well, including:

  • Softer, exfoliated skin with open pores
  • A closer shave
  • A smoother, slicker surface for your razor blade
  • Reduction in skin irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hairs

Know Your Bristles

There are three main types of shave brushes: synthetic, boar, horsehair, and badger. Let’s take a gander at each.

  • Synthetic bristles can range from coarse nylon to thin fibers. They may be easier to care for than natural hair and are great for vegans or people allergic to animal hair.

  • Boar hair tends to be coarse but works well with shave soap to create a thick lather. It does soften over time with use and can be an affordable choice.

  • Horsehair bristles are softer and finer than a boar shave brush and are moderately priced.

  • Badger is the softest of the natural hairs and can be classified by color and coarseness. Badger brushes have been around for centuries, and the highest quality ones can cost a little more. Check out this one from Truefitt & Hill.
  • Truefitt and Hill Shave Brush

    The Razor’s Edge

    The whole point of a shaving is to remove hair cleanly, leaving you with skin soft as a baby’s bottom. These steps for how to use a shave brush correctly can get you there.

    1. Wet your brush with warm water, removing any excess. You want it to be more than damp and less than soaking wet.

    1. Add cream to the center of the bristles. You can also use a tin of shaving soap, swirling the brush over the surface to pick up a small amount of product on the bristles.
    1. Now comes the fun part: work your brush in circles on your face to create a foamy lather. If your lather is lackluster, just add a bit more water to the bristles and lather up again.

    1. Shave using a quality safety razor, taking your time to avoid any nicks or cuts.
    Truefitt and Hill Razor
    1. When you are finished, carefully rinse your brush under cool water. Separate the bristles to clean and remove shaving cream or soap.

    1. Squeeze any excess water from the brush before storing it, bristles down, on its stand. You can also blot it with a towel before you hang it up to dry.

    You don’t have to cut it close with your shaving routine. It’s time to treat yourself by visiting LaLa Daisy to see our impressive assortment of shaving products, including creams, soaps, razors, and brushes.

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