Take It All Off: Why You Should Remove Your Makeup

by Tara Jacobs August 12, 2019

Removing Makeup

After a long day at work or a night out, the last thing most of us want to do is follow a night-time skin care routine, from makeup remover to moisturizer. As much as you would like to hit the sack without taking off your makeup, your skin may show its displeasure in more ways than one.

Before you go to bed one more time in a full face of makeup, you should know why it’s not such a good idea to neglect your skin.

The Eyes Have It

No one wants to wake up with tired looking eyes, but if you don’t remove your eye makeup, you may end up with more than dark circles and puffiness. Leaving on mascara can result in brittle eyelashes that break easily or fall out, and that leftover eyeliner may even cause infection if not removed.

A gentle makeup remover can easily cleanse the eye area, removing all traces of shadow, liner, and mascara to let your eyes get their beauty rest.


Pucker Up

You may think you’ve eaten or wiped off your lipstick or gloss, but you’d be surprised how much pigment may still be present. That color, especially matte finishes, can dry out delicate lip skin, leading to parched, chapped lips.

Saving Face

How many layers of makeup do you normally wear? Primer, concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer, and powder may make you look flawless, but underneath it all, your skin is begging to breathe.

Don’t forget that dirt and pollution can also affect your skin. Just as you wash your hands to remove all the grime, your face should be free of pollutants that can irritate it, leaving skin dull and lifeless.

Makeup removal before bedtime gives your pores a chance to open and rejuvenate while you sleep. Your skin needs that time to naturally shed dead cells and renew. Give your face a fighting chance (and a bit of moisturizer and eye cream) to look its best the next day.

Keep it Simple 

You don’t need to invest in expensive makeup removers or other equipment to clean your skin; just go with what works best for you. A gentle cleanser followed by some form of moisturizer is about as basic as you can get, but if you are extra tried, you can opt with makeup-removing wipes or micellar water and cotton pads to get the job done. Keep your wipes next to your bed so you don’t have an excuse to skip a quick clean.


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Tara Jacobs
Tara Jacobs


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