Can Keratin Help You Beat Frizziness?

May 04, 2018

Can Keratin Help You Beat Frizziness?

Despite the availability of numerous haircare products on the market, keratin treatments continue to be among the most used, and for good reason. Keratin is a natural alternative to other beauty treatments that are used to control frizzy hair.

People who use haircare products with keratin claim that their hair feels stronger and is less frizzy overall. If you are plagued with frizzy and lackluster hair, choosing keratin-enriched products from the large selection offered by LaLa Daisy can help you fall in love with your hair again.

What Is Keratin?

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in your hair, nails and skin. The protective protein works by keeping the cells that form your hair in line. The cells then absorb the keratin, which helps to make your hair look glossy and full of life.

The protein is so effective that hair stylists often use it in blowouts. It is a safe alternative to the formaldehyde that was previously used to achieve the bone-straight style.  

Do At-Home Keratin Treatments Offer the Same Benefits?

In a salon, keratin treatments are often combined with other products, such as silicone, to help achieve a straightened look. However, you do not have to spend hours in a salon and weigh your hair down with chemicals to get the same look.

At-home products can give you comparable results when used on a regular basis. The first step in any haircare regimen to control frizz and achieve a glossier look is to shampoo and condition the hair.

To get the best results, always use a keratin-enriched shampoo and conditioner. Look for products that address your hair’s specific needs. For instance, if you have damaged hair, a shampoo and conditioner combo, such as the Keratin Complex Care Shampoo and Conditioner set, is specially designed to moisturize and repair the hair.

Keratin Complex Keratin Care

What About Daily Care?

No haircare regimen is complete without daily-use maintenance products. You need a daily moisturizing product that not only keeps frizz away, but also makes your hair more manageable, such as the Keratin Complex Vita Volume Boosting Foam.

Keratin Complex Vita Volume

Even if you undergo a keratin treatment at a salon, you still need to remember daily maintenance. Products, such as the Keratin Complex Infusion Keratin Replenisher, will help to maintain your results and replenish your hair’s moisture and nutrients.

It is not difficult to perfect your keratin haircare regimen. Check out the host of quality keratin-enriched products available from LaLa Daisy that are available for a variety of hair types to find the ones that will work for you.

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