Bliss has created spa products for every budget, using the latest ingredients and newest forms and textures. It may seem like there's nothing you can do when you're carrying a little extra weight around your waist. Don't lose hope when there are products like the Bliss Fabgirl Lovehandler Gel. Along with diet and exercise, this product may help you achieve the slimmer waist you want. As with all Bliss products, this gel is designed with modern ingredients and scents from around the world to help you feel relaxed and content. This innovative skin product is designed to be massaged into your waist and back. A unique blend of caffeine and mint oil deliver an energizing and refreshing effect. The caffeine stimulates your skin over an eight-hour release period. The mint oil creates a cooling feeling that soothes. There's more to skin wellness than just facials and lotions. Add this Bliss gel into your routine for full-body care that can help you look and feel beautiful.

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