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Davines believes in sustainable beauty, individuality and diversity. Davines This Is A Medium Hold Pliable Paste is a professional hair care product that gives you a balanced look. Finding the right product can feel like hunting for hidden treasure. Even finding one that creates the style you want can be a challenge. Most mousses, creams, and gels have a lasting hold but leave your hair greasy and heavy. Lighter serums and sprays keep your hair silky smooth, but wear off after a few hours. The real treasure is finding the happy medium; not too heavy, but still strong enough. The best natural hair care products combine the hold and style you want with organic compounds that are gentle on your hair. The paste lasts all day but is paraben-free to prevent nasty build-up in your hair. The medium hold still allows for plenty of flexibility when you’re crafting gravity-defying and head-turning looks.

Bad hair days happen to the best of us; sometimes that frizz seems to have a mind of its own. To rein in your hair and let it flourish, Davines offers This Is An Oil Non Oil, a natural moisturizer for hair that uses a natural blend of ingredients to evoke natural beauty. Oil Non Oil is easy to use - simply apply a bit to your hair while dry and style it as you like. With that, frizz and flyaways are kept under control, all without sticky residue or stiffness. On top of that, it’ll bestow a smooth, silky sheen and keep your hair healthy by moisturizing and conditioning. Styling and structure, minus stiff, greasy residue and plus a natural-looking and vibrant texture, is hard to find. Others will wonder where you get such professional hair care, but they won’t suspect how effortless your look is - all thanks to This Is An Oil Non Oil by Davines.

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