ManCave is a UK based company using original formulas naturally derived for men. Launched in 2012, the company has been on a mission to bring men fresh grooming essentials. The products are designed to bring together the best of science and nature for a line especially for men. To ensure the highest-quality is delivered, all products undergo a two-year development process. Gain control of your beard hair with Mancave Blackspice Beard Control. Keep your beard in good shape through the process of growing it out or maintaining the length you have. The product contains nothing to take away from healthy hair growth including petrochemicals, parabens, animal-sourced ingredients, synthetic dyes or sulphates for natural defense. Shea butter, L-Arginine and hemp oil combine with tea tree oil, grapeseed oil and black pepper oil to give you control over your beard’s style while nourishing and smoothing hair. Fill in patchy areas with the caffeine-infused blend for healthier hair growth where you need it.