Using propietary formulas, Glominerals beleives that confidence comes from transformative skincare results. Glominerals provides a fully integrated line starting with your clanser and ending with your lipstick. They have fully researched and developed their products using active ingredients and nourishing minerals that deliver your personalized perscription for healthy, beautiful skin.

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Three makeup secrets the pros want you know

When it comes to beauty, professional makeup artists know all the best tricks and tips. They use familiar color correction makeup with such skill that the results are truly extraordinary. These industry secrets do not have to stay secret – in fact, we here at Lala Daisy want to make sure that you have the know-how that will help you achieve your very favorite looks. Here are three of our very favorite secrets.

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Finishing powder: Why you need to be using it to complete your look

Ask any makeup user and even the best ones often wonder how celebrities get such a gorgeous finish even though they are under cameras and lights all day. It may seem like Hollywood magic, but it's just having the knowledge to use the right type of face powder.

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How to care for you makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are like the magic wands of the cosmetic world. They smooth, conceal, blend and evenly distribute products so you can achieve a flawless, blemish-free look.

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Top skin care products to keep your lips plump and youthful

Your lips are incredibly sensitive. The skin on them is thinner, which is why they are pink or red in color – the blood vessels beneath are more visible. They are also unique because they have no oil glands, unlike the rest of your face (oil glands produce the skin’s natural protective barrier, keeping it hydrated and shielded from the elements).

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