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When considering hair care products, you’re put up to a major challenge: finding the best products for your hair type and needs. Do you have fine hair? Is your hair frizzy or thick and you’re trying to straighten it? Is your hair color treated? Do you need a new shampoo specifically for split ends? Or maybe a hairspray that holds well, but doesn’t leave hair feeling hard? What is the best shampoo for curly hair? Does it matter which detangler I use? No matter what type of hair you have, it deserves to look it’s best. Whether you’re looking for shampoo and conditioner that help to hold onto the color you worked so hard to achieve, or that hairspray that gets you that hold your style so deserves, there’s a specific product for you. There are products for dry and damaged hair as well as fine, straight hair. Shampoos made to enhance your natural curls, and conditioner to keep hair moisturized without weighing it down. From hair cleansing products, to hair styling products there is everything under the sun. There are so many different products for every different hair type, but LaLa Daisy has you covered. With superior brands like Peter Thomas Roth, Keratin Complex, UNITE, Aveda, Redken and Living Proof, you can literally find something for everyone.

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Living Proof Control Hairspray is an amazing product when your looking for something to control your hair and keep it in place. It uses breakthrough technology that ensures it doesn’t leave stiff resins behind and keeps hair looking shiny and beautiful. Hair is touchable and this hairspray also provides humidity protection against the elements. For frizzy hair or hair that is dry and damaged, UNITE Hair Lazer Straight Shampoo and Conditioner combo works the best.   The shampoo is straightening and helps tame frizzy locks, while the conditioner eliminates frizz while smoothing out tangles. Hair feels smooth and manageable after every use. Another amazing product is Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo that cleanses mildly, giving long lasting smoothness to keratin and color treated hair. The product is sulfate-free and free of sodium chloride which helps to protect color treated hair. Keratin Complex has created a full line of products that allows anyone to experience benefits of keratin. The keratin protein helps to make hair manageable and smooth looking. Aveda Hair’s Be Curly Shampoo is designed to create perfect curls, and it has a unique blend of ingredients to help do that. Organic aloe and wheat protein help to soothe and nourish each strand of hair. The curl-inducing properties of this shampoo are enhanced when used as part of Aveda’s four-step Be Curly regimen. It’s also infused with Aveda’s signature citrus aroma of bergamot, orange, lemon and assorted florals. UNITE Hair 7 Seconds Condition Leave in Detangler is the best moisturizing hair detangler that also replenishes and nourishes dry and damaged hair. It’s an ultra intense hair repair treatment that helps to soothe damaged cuticles while removing tangles to avoid breakage. It’s made to be left in your hair all day long.