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Keratin Complex begins with keratin protein. Keratin protein is the proven ingredient to make your hair incredibly smooth, more manageable, and healthier than ever. They use a signature smoothing therapy that is award-winning. The company launched in 2007 and has become the market leader in the smoothing category and continues to develope breakthroughs in keratin technology. The innovative technology that they use in their products helps bind keratin to the hair which helps to prevent humidity from penetrating the hair, which locks out frizz. Their products also help to assist a smooth transormation for any color treated hair.

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What is the best conditioner for dry hair?

Repairing dry and damaged hair can be a long process, and the exact route to your best effects is generally achieved by looking at how you can sustainably achieve certain goals, like consistently using a conditioner that is designed to support your hair and scalp health by providing the moisturizers your hair needs to repair itself and to condition itself against future damage.

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Beat the heat with heat styling protectors

It’s entirely possible to enjoy the summer season without suffering from the heat damage beaming from the sun that can make you feel like you’re sitting underneath a salon dryer chair. LaLa Daisy offers premium hair salon products designed to protect your hair from blazing hot temperatures so it can look its absolute best.

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Must-have hair products for your gym bag

Working up a sweat makes you feel great. However, you may not feel so great if you have to go straight from the gym to dinner or work. Do not leave your hair a mess, pack an effective hair treatment in your gym bag that will allow you to transition from one location to the next with ease.

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2018 Makeup trends that you'll love

2017 was the year of the glow up. 2018 just wants you to glow. From golden hues to dewy skin, check out these 2018 makeup trends and the products you’ll need to make them happen.

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