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Truefitt & Hill has been around for over two centuries and has provided discerning gentlemen with the finest grooming products and services. Their products offered today are a result of over 212 years of research and intimate customer relationships. Their products are formulated with e blend of extremely rare, natural and sophisticated essences. They offer shaving, fragrance, and hair and bath products to provide a daily grooming solution for the modern man.

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Spotlight on Truefitt & Hill, our best selling men's brand

When you’re shopping for shave cream, soap, shampoo or body spray for men, you want more than just the basic benefits. Besides combating odor and perspiration, nourishing your hair and caring for your skin, you want a fresh, confident feeling along with a scent that’s distinctly your own.

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5 Top picks: Hair wax for men and men's pomade

Finding the hair wax that works for your hair type is the key to getting the most from your hair product. Let us help you find your perfect wax with the following guide.

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Using conditioner to add volume and body to your hair

If you are trying to make sure your hair is as healthy and beautiful as possible, you need to know how to get the most out of every product. For those with fine hair, that means knowing how to work with it to add both body and volume. One great way to do that is by adopting a hair thickening shampoo, and there are a variety that can help.

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Dry scalp? Here are the picks for best moisturizing shampoo

Having a dry scalp can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences short of actually getting sick, and that’s partly because the skin on the scalp is so sensitive that when it gets irritated, it can be more bothersome than when that irritation happens elsewhere on the body. Partly, it’s also because the scalp can be difficult for people to reach, especially those with long hair.

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