18.21 Man Made Duo Box Set Wash 18 Oz & Pomade 2 Oz

For a men’s hair pomade that will leave your hair looking great and feeling refreshed, you need 18.21 Man Made Duo Box Set Wash 18 oz & Pomade 2 oz. This high-quality pomade was inspired by the feel and aesthetic of whiskey. The bottle for the wash is designed to resemble a whiskey bottle, so it is ideally suited for men who want to embrace their masculinity even when they are in the shower. The best hair shampoo for men along with a fantastic pomade will leave ordinarily out-of-control locks in a tamer state. The strands become much easier to handle, so you can style your tresses any way you like. This pomade features a non-greasy formula, preventing your hair from weighing you down. This all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and body wash makes you ready to tackle anything the day has in store for you. Everything you need to have a more complete morning routine is found inside this wonderful box set.

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