18.21 Man Made Paste 2 Oz

Do other male hair products make it tough for you to style your hair in exactly the position you want it in? Stop dealing with inefficient hair care products when you can use 18.21 Man Made Paste. Through a fusion of grooming cream and wax, this paste produces an excellent medium hold that makes it easier for you to style your hair without making it feel too hard or heavy. It also controls frizz and introduces moisture into your tresses. This men’s hair paste is free of any parabens. It is great for any man regardless of hair type. From curly to wavy locks, this paste will get any hair style under control. At the end of the day, you can effortlessly rinse out this paste from your hair. It also does not produce flakes, so you can wear black clothing with confidence. It features the aroma of sweet tobacco along with exotic woods, musk, dark toned vanilla, dried fruit, Manuka honey and spicy saffron.

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