18.21 Man Made Trio - Wash 18Oz, Clay 2 Oz, Hair Spray 10Oz

If you have been searching for the ideal body wash shampoo, try the 18.21 Man Made Trio - Wash, Clay and Spirits box. This set is a combination of some of the best men’s hair care products and grooming accessories available today, and they can transform your style for the best. Start your grooming routine with the 18.21 Man Made Wash. This effective cleanser will condition your hair from the scalp to the roots, and it leaves lasting strength and moisture. After washing your hair, the molding clay is a unique and powerful styling tool that helps create definition and shape without an artificial shine. These products work great for fine or thin hair textures. Complete your routine with a dash of Spirits, the sweet masculine scent inspired by Virginia pipe tobacco. The top notes include spicy saffron, citrus and dried fruit. The heart consists of tonka bean, dark-toned vanilla and manuka honey. The aroma finishes with a blend of woods, musk and tobacco.

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