AG Hair Liquid Effects 8 Oz

Product Details

AG Hair Liquid Effects is the best hair moisturizing hair lotion. This product is specially designed as a milky liquid formula to help smooth and detangle hard to control hair. This product is humidity resistant and provides long lasting hold. Infused with proteins to enrich hair-increasing elasticity, this product is ideal for an easy to use texturizer.

AG hair is devoted to providing products that work, by using natural ingredients that deliver results. AG hair leaves out harmful ingredients such as salt, paba, parabens and DEA that can be harmful and damaging to hair. Deriving from 27 years of experience AG hair is devoted to continuously researching new solutions to meet and nourish every hair type. AG is inspired to bring simplicity and confidence to every customer by choosing al natural ingredients that work!


Apply a dime sized amount to fingers and work into damp hair.

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