AG Hair Recoil Conditioner - 6 Oz

Luscious curls require hydration, strength and balance ? in other words, they need the best conditioner for dry hair without the weight or greasiness that sometimes accompanies it. AG Hair?s Recoil Conditioner is the perfect balance between hydration and buoyancy, promoting elasticity by delivering nourishing and fortifying ingredients to transform dull and drab locks into curvaceous and flexible curls. Keratin, one of the primary ingredients in this frizz-fighting conditioner, delivers maximum protein and moisture directly to the cuticle, sealing each strand in a strong, but flexible, protectant. Accompanying the keratin is AG Hair?s potent and sophisticated curl creating complex (C3), a unique blend of amino acids, fruit extracts, moisturizers and minerals. Wild cherry bark, sage leaf and ultra-soothing chamomile extracts are among this blend?s most beneficial ingredients, giving this conditioner a scent that?s as phenomenal as the results it delivers. Apply following your normal cleanser and allow the product to saturate before combing through and rinsing. When combined with its complementary shampoo, this hair care line delivers delectable and durable curls day in and day out.