AG Hair Refuel Shampoo - 10Oz

Few sulfate free shampoos have the hydrating power of AG Hair’s Refuel Shampoo. Designed for daily use, this gentle, keratin-packed cleanser helps balance the pH level of your hair while delivering ultra-hydrating herbal extracts and proteins. The star ingredient in this shampoo, keratin, is a vital part of hair’s internal structure that’s often lost or diminished due to processing or heat styling, leaving hair brittle and prone to breakage. Accompanying the heavy dose of keratin in this formula is AG Hair’s proprietary combination of natural extracts for soothing the scalp and smoothing the hair cuticle. Including gush-worthy scent notes from ingredients like rosemary leaf, chamomile, sage leaf and wild cherry bark extract, this exclusive blend works by shrinking the size of the cuticle and treating scalp inflammation, producing smoother, more voluminous and tangle-free hair. Gentle enough for daily use and safe for chemically treated tresses, use this cleanser in tandem with restorative conditioners for a mane that’s refreshed, resilient and refueled.

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