AG Hair STYLE Shampoo & Body Wash - 12 Oz

AG Hair STYLE Shampoo & Body Wash is designed with women’s needs in mind. Sulfate free shampoos such as this double action product are healthier and safer for your tresses. Finding time to wash both hair and body can be a daily struggle, but this product makes the cleaning process so much easier. This two-in-one product cleanses both the skin and hair, making it simpler for you to rinse, clean, and dry quickly. This shampoo and body wash contains natural menthol crystals and aloe vera that stimulate and cool the scalp, and cucumber extract is used to invigorate your skin and hair. Massage the shampoo into your hair for thicker, fuller locks and gently scrub your skin to wash away any dirt and grime. After rinsing, your body will look and feel refreshed. Don’t skip the shower when you are in a hurry. Save time and money by using this handy product that makes your hair and skin look healthier and brighter each day.

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