AG Hair Styling Jel - 6 Oz

When you need the best gel for hair that is gentle enough for regular use but strong enough to hold your style, turn to AG Hair Styling Jel. This luxury styling product is alcohol-free, making it a great way to get the look you want without causing build up or damage to your hair. For the ultimate in shine and control, AG Hair Styling Jel should be your hair’s best friend. The non-sticky formula means you won’t have the dreaded crunchiness and heaviness that other hair gels may cause. Instead, you have control, shine, and a flawless finish. Just a little dab is all you need to set your style for all-day glamour. Work a small amount through your strands and style your hair; you can even create a classic slicked-back look with this gel. Natural herbal extracts, including chamomile, rosemary, wild cherry bark, and sage can soothe your scalp and nurture your hair while silk and oat proteins bring on the shine and conditioning.

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