American Crew Fiber 3 Oz

American Crew Fiber is the ultimate product when you want a hair-style with high hold and low shine. Best for shorter styles from one to three inches long, it imparts a strong, flexible hold with a dry, matte finish. Your hair will look naturally fuller and more voluminous. Whether you like your locks combed high and smooth or finger-combed and tousled for a more relaxed effect, Fiber will help you achieve the look you’re going for. Mobilize a finger-full of product by rubbing it between your hands before running it through your hair, then style as desired. It’s that easy. Fiber adds thickness, texture and volume, making it one of the best men’s hair products for thin hair. Natural beeswax and lanoline moisturize as well as hold, which also makes Fiber an ideal product for making frizzy, unmanageable hair behave. Once you use Fiber, you’ll understand exactly why American Crew has a reputation for providing the best hair care for men.

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