American Crew Molding Clay 3 Oz

Ideal for men with easily-irritated skin or anyone who trains hard during the day, American Crew Molding Clay gives strong hold and medium shine to short styles. It has a mild, fresh scent perfect for sensitive noses and its waxy consistency means you won’t sweat it out. With a firmer hold than men’s hair putty and less shine than a pomade, Molding Clay is perfect for a thick, textured and tousled look. Its key ingredient is bentonite clay, renowned for its purifying and softening properties. Bentonite soothes irritable scalps and stimulates hair growth while also adding thickness to hair. This powdery clay swells when in contact with water, helping it fatten-up each strand of hair to give your style a ton of volume. The clay minerals also help nourish your scalp and hair, making it especially good for dry or damaged locks. Likewise, it’s great for taming and softening frizzy hair. Unique among men’s products for its healing properties, Molding Clay will give you the look you want without damaging your hair.

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