Aveda Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray 9.1 Oz

Product Details

Hairspray that is rigid and stiff is irritating for a woman who is looking for a natural, soft look. Aveda Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray offers a simple solution by giving a flexible, supple grip on your hair that holds for a lengthy time. Don’t let your hair look or feel artificial. Although many hair salon products are efficient, this spray stands out because it keeps your hair looking silky and effortless. This formula is derived from pine resin tech and eliminates static in a heartbeat. Simply spray 6-8 inches away for full effect.

Aveda’s light hold hair spray is cruelty free. It also smells delicious due to a pure-fume blend of lavender, palmarosa, and bergamot essences. Style your hair and spray this formula on your dry locks. Whether you have voluminous curls or fine, straight hair, this product works on all hair types. Use this lightweight hairspray to give the finishing touch to your hairstyle. Like many Aveda products for hair, spray to get a natural, elastic hold that lasts all day long.

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