Aveda Flax Seed Aloe Sculpt Gel 8.5 Oz

Aveda Flax See Aloe Sculpt Gel is the best hair gel for curly hair. Made for medium to coarse hair, it delivers maximum control for sculpting and molding curls, with no sticky residue. Certified organic flax seed and aloe gives hair texture and volume even when drying hair and using a flat iron. Never fight frizz again. Curls maintain shape and definition even in humid or rainy weather. Hair stays soft, shiny and bouncy. Gentle enough to use every day, it doesn’t build up on locks or weigh them down. Suitable for processed hair. Created for curly hair, reviewers rave that this sculpting gel works equally well on wavy hair and straight hair with defining layers and choppy styles. Appropriate for tresses of any length. Aveda’s best styling products for curly hair are never tested on animals by them or any of their partners. Their unique pure-fume aroma blends jasmine, cistus, certified organic petitgrain and pure plant and flower essences for a wonderfully aromatic scent.

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