Aveda Pure Abundance Style-Prep 3.4 Oz

Product Details

Don?t settle for flat hair. Aveda Pure Abundance Style-Prep gives natural, textured volume to all hair types and lengths. Peppermint, Jasmine, and ylang ylang create a blissful fragrance that soothes the scalp and gives your hair a nice aroma. A botanical blend of passion fruit, rice bran, acacia gum, and aloe create a lightweight texture that gives your hair body and fullness. This gives you long-lasting volume that looks and feels good. This product is not tested on animals.

This spray is one of many high-quality hair salon products that both styles and conditions your hair. By hydrating and detangling each strand, this product builds up your hair?s strength and prevents breakage or damage. Spray on damp hair, comb, and blow dry for full effect before styling your locks. On non-shampoo days, spray on dry hair and blow dry on a low speed. This spray is one of those amazing products for hair that is efficient and well worth your time.