Aveda Pure Comfort Eye Makeup Remover 4.2 Oz

Product Details

Nothing helps you unwind at the end of a long day like changing into comfortable clothes and getting rid of the cloying makeup around your eyes. The lightweight and gentle Aveda Pure Comfort Eye Makeup Remover performs this task quickly, safely and effectively and leaves your eyes feeling totally refreshed. Using a cotton ball, dampen it with a little of this facial product and swipe the area around your closed eyes to gently dissolve eye makeup residue and any accumulated grime. Feel the stress melt away along with the makeup as the soothing extracts of cucumber, camomile and eyebright rejuvenate your eyes.

You can use this product with confidence because ophthalmologists and dermatologists have tested it for safety and effectiveness. There is no need to worry about itching or irritation because the oil-free formula is aroma neutral, non-acnegenic and safe for those who wear contact lenses. Use Aveda Pure Comfort Eye Makeup Remover at the end of every hectic day and feel the luxury of eye-opening refreshment.