Aveda Stress-Fix Creme Cleansing Oil 6.7 Oz

Product Details

Gently cleanse, nourish and soften your skin with Aveda Stress-Fix Creme Cleansing Oil. This oil treats your skin by removing accumulated dirt and oils from a long and stressful day, while the gentle aroma soothes away stress using proven aromatherapy techniques. The scent blends notes of organic lavender, lavandin, clary sage, and other essential plant oils that leave you relaxed but not overwhelmed. Aveda Stress-Fix Creme Cleansing Oil can be used as a designated face wash or for washing the entire body. It can be used on all skin types, working equally well for oily or dry skin care.

Relax your body and quiet your mind without ever leaving the sanctuary of your shower with Aveda Stress-Fix Creme Cleansing Oil. Organic babassu and sunflower seed oil nourishes your skin and leaves it healthy and glowing. When using this cleansing oil, make sure to take time to enjoy the aroma. Before applying the oil to your skin cup it in your hands, bring it to your nose, and inhale the relaxing and soothing scent.

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