Bioelements Stress Solution 1 Oz

For people with sensitive or overtreated skin, the visible effect can be hard to treat. BIOELEMENTS Stress Solution is a protective serum that can help your face regain a healthy and velvety look. Skin irritants are a part of daily life. While some people experience sensitivity due to over exfoliating or weather-related factors, others face issues from everyday products such as soaps, cosmetics and perfumes that can cause redness or itchiness. This serum prides itself on being the right fit for irritated or sensitive skin. It is free of artificial colors, parabens and other harsh ingredients that can trigger unwanted conditions. It also has been tested both clinically and by dermatologists and deemed non-irritating. Natural elements take center stage in this product, which can help soothe and smooth the skin. Honeysuckle flower, cornflower and licorice root help relieve irritated skin, while spearmint oil cools it for a fresh feeling. The power of green tea gives the skin strength to fight external irritants. The manufacturer recommends applying a small amount on the face and neck. It should be followed up with a moisturizer, preferably with an SPF for added protection.