Biolage-S-Thermal Active Repair Cream 5.01 Oz

Biolage-S-Thermal Active Repair Cream is one of the best products for damaged hair because it not only protects your hair from damage while you’re using your important styling tools, but it also works to repair and reverse the damage that’s already been done. It works its way into the hair fibers to replenish proteins and other nutrients to rebuild your locks from the base up. Despite its strength, the formula itself is very lightweight, which means you can enjoy all the benefits of this product without dealing with the thick buildup that some other products offer. You’ll be free to style your hair into that perfect ‘do without worrying about this product weighing your hair down or making it look dull. The formula is also heat-activated, which makes this ideal for styling with. As soon as heat touches this cream, you’ll experience an increase in control over your locks that allows you to style your locks into a smooth, shiny hairdo for any occasion.

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