Biosilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray Firm Hold 10 Oz

Product Details

For the perfect finale to your hair care routine, why not try a product that not only adds shine but helps revitalize your hair. Biosilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray Firm Hold was uniquely created to provide a gentle hold that lasts all day, yet leaves your hair soft and easy to manage. Fast drying, this specially formulated professional hair care creation fortifies hair with a weightless formula which helps revive dull looking hair and helps it recapture a chic, healthy appearance. The hydrolyzed silk rebuilds the structure of damaged and over-worked hair such as split ends. Easy to brush out, it leaves no build up to fight at the end of the day. Chamomile, nettle, hops, comfrey, sage, lemon balm and black walnut are just a few of the natural ingredients used in the special formulation of these professional hair care products. Completely natural, it is environmentally friendly and easy on your hair as it provides a natural hold and brilliant shine.

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