Biosilk Smoothing Conditioner 12 Oz

Product Details

Biosilk Smoothing Conditioner is a wonderful moisturizing conditioner that takes your tangle of unmanageable, frizzy hair and transforms it into beautiful waves of tresses that are a dream to style. Bring your damaged, dry hair back under your control with this powerful conditioner from Biosilk. When you use the Biosilk Smoothing Conditioner on your frizzy hair, you’re applying one of the professional hair care products used in the best salons. Nourishing vitamin B works with a bit of humectants to smooth out and moisturize your frizzed hair, leaving it smooth and easy to manage. Helping out this powerful combination are silk proteins, which penetrate deeply into your hair stalks to condition your hair while giving it a healthy and incredible shine that looks great no matter what the day throws at you. Don’t worry about damaging UVA/UVB rays, because this conditioner has powerful UV filters to keep your hair safe from harm.