Biosilk Smoothing Shampoo 12 Oz

Product Details

Use the Biosilk Smoothing Shampoo when you want the best hydrating shampoo on the market. This amazing shampoo is paraben-free so that it won’t harm the environment, and it’s also safe to use every day. This powerful shampoo is made using vitamin B and a dose of humectants, so it has no trouble smoothing out even the frizziest hair. These potent ingredients also moisturize to help relax and revitalize your frizzed out hair. In addition to helping your hair recover from the effects of frizzing out on you, the Biosilk Smoothing Shampoo delivers silk proteins directly to your newly smoothed hair shaft for salon-quality conditioning which results in healthy and shiny hair that looks amazing all day. For best results, use along with Biosilk Smoothing Conditioner. Professional hair care products like Biosilk Smoothing Shampoo are for external use only, so you should avoid getting them in your eyes.