blinc Lash Primer

Product Details

blinc Lash Primer is a multi-tasking makeup tool for healthy and beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows. Enriched with vitamin E, this primer protects lashes and eyebrows from becoming dry and brittle as well as lessens their stress from free radicals and ultra-violet light. Applied before mascara application, the Lash Primer gives your lashes a larger base for thicker and longer looking lashes. This primer can also be used as a restorative on the eyebrows and eyelashes as a strengthening treatment.


Apply one or two coats of Lash Primer before going to bed for lash conditioning or wearing mascara. For eyelash enhancement before applying mascara, apply one coat then let it set for 30 seconds. After the second application, wait another 30 seconds before applying your first coat of mascara. Blinc Lash Primer is removed simply with warm water.

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