Brocato Constructor Deep Repair 8.5 Oz

Only the best treatment for damaged hair should be used after you get a perm. A perm service is a great service to get for your hair, but it can leave strands feeling brittle or dry, necessitating the use of Brocato Constructor Deep Repair. It adds body to your hair, leaving you ready to tackle any kind of weather you may face. You can use this repair treatment on its own or in conjunction with other products from the same brand. For example, you can blend it with a high-quality shampoo to give your tresses a deep clean. It also works great with a deep conditioner for dry hair to enhance efficacy. This treatment adds proteins to your hair, making it more resilient. This includes Lecithin emulsifiers and Glycol Stearate to lubricate your locks and add nutrients. To enhance your hair’s natural moisture balance, there is also Propylene Glycol in its formula. You can repeat the treatment as many times as you need until you see the desired results. Give your hair the proteins it needs to thrive.

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