Brocato Maximum Hold Hair Spray 10 Oz

Product Details

Brocato’s Maximum Hold Hair Spray is one of the best hair products for styling. It can be tricky to find sprays that aren’t sticky or heavy, but this hair spray defies most products on the market. Strengthen your hair and enhance the overall volume of your locks with this efficient product. Prevent your tresses from getting damaged easily and get a finishing spray that works great throughout the day. This spray is light and feels weightless on your hair, but still has a firm hold on your locks. It keeps your hairstyle from going limp and gives enhanced shine with the help of added phenol trimenthicone. The long-lasting product goes on evenly over your entire mane. This hair spray works best when held 12 inches away from your tresses while applying. After letting it set to dry, the aerosol spray gives maximum hold. The fragrance is subtle yet sweet. Keep your hairstyle firmly in place to ensure a flawless look all day long.