Brocato Peppermint Scrub Purifying Shampoo 10 Oz

Product Details

Like a healthy plant grows from healthy soil, healthy hair requires a healthy scalp. Shampoo dry, damaged hair with a real dose of peppermint to flush and rebalance hair and scalp. Brocato Peppermint Scrub Purifying Shampoo increases circulation to balance oil production and refresh dry or damaged hair. Due to its powerfully clarifying base, the product is appropriate for use before chemical or color treatments. For a more powerful cleanse, leave the shampoo on for up to five minutes before rinsing. Brocato Peppermint Scrub Purifying Shampoo can also be used once a week as a shampoo treatment if your hair is hard to cleanse or as a body scrub for a tingly clean bathing experience. The product is powerful enough to cleanse and invigorate your entire body, but gentle enough to shampoo dry damaged hair. Sweat, trace minerals, styling products and chlorine can all build up on your hair, dulling its shine and leaving your locks limp and parched. Brocato Peppermint Scrub Purifying Shampoo restores your natural glow with a highly clarifying formulation and real peppermint oil.

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