Brocato Saturation Leave-In Conditioner 32 Oz

When your locks are in need of some extra moisture, do not settle for just any old leave in conditioner for dry hair. You need something like Brocato Saturation Leave-In Conditioner, which is specially formulated to add shine and strength to your gorgeous tresses. Every ingredient serves a purpose. The hydrolyzed keratin enhances the texture, strength and overall gloss of your hair. There is also rosemary and kelp extract, which make hair more manageable. Finally, the conditioning properties of this hair product come thanks to the addition of aloe barbadensis. A small amount is all you need to apply to start seeing a difference. Other professional hair products are not capable of adequately taming particularly frizzy or out-of-control locks. This conditioner is different. It works hard to detangle and add moisture to tresses so that you can be confident no matter what you have going on during the day. This conditioner never makes hair feel heavy. It is certain to become a hair care product you enjoy using for some time to come.

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