Brocato Volumizing Foam Mousse 8.5 Oz

Product Details

Textured, curly and full hair benefit from high-volume hair products that contain reviving moisture and a strong hold to fight frizz. Brocato Volumizing Foam Mousse keeps hair bouncy and healthy by infusing it with Vitamin B and glycerin to strengthen, repair and lock in moisture. A soft foam delivery provides natural volume and easy application without stickiness or excess weight. Mousse can function as a dependable support product in the quest to achieve bouncy, touchable hair. If desired, waxes, gels or other products can be applied after to finish off your styling routine and perfect your look. The Blended Protein Attraction System penetrates the hair shaft cuticle to provide plumpness, shine and rehabilitative moisture. Because it is formulated without alcohol, Brocato’s makes the best hair mousse for curly hair, giving exceptionally firm hold without drying or damaging your ends. Hair with personality deserves Brocato Volumizing Foam Mousse. Formulated to support and revive, as well as volumize and style, it’s your ticket to silky, touchable hair.

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