Celeb - Gemlites -Bonditioner Dual-Use Conditioner 8.25 Oz

Color treated hair demands more than your typical conditioner, and Celeb Gemlites Bonditioner Dual-Use Conditioner is much more than typical. Bonditioner uses a patented Bondurance� formula that penetrates deeply into each strand of your hair for extra durability and moisture without the feeling of being weighed down. This works to fight off tangled, dry and frizzy hair that results from weather or styling. At the same time, Bonditioner is gentle and pleasant to use, citrus-scented and made exclusively of vegan ingredients without animal testing. The most significant part of Bonditioner is that, because of its gentle yet powerful and versatile formula, it�s made to be used both before and after shampoo, giving an extra boost to hair left dry and damaged by color treatment chemicals. Apply Bonditioner to moisturize and prime your hair for 5-10 minutes prior to cleaning, then rinse and wash as normal. Afterward, use it again as you would a normal conditioner to double down on its potent hair care.