Celeb - Gemlites -Fire Opal Colorwash Shampoo 8.25 Oz

Get the most out of your color treatment with shampoo that not only cleanses and nourishes your locks, but also enriches color and shine with each wash. Celeb Gemlites Fire Opal Colorwash Shampoo features a nutrient-rich formula - paraben-, sulfate-, ammonia- and peroxide-free - that�s designed to enrich color-treated hair and add definition to the tones of your locks, especially suited for copper to red hair colors. While color treatments can cause hair to fade, dry out and become frizzy, Celeb Gemlites Colorwash products provide everyday relief specifically with the potential risks of color treatment in mind. Made with only vegan ingredients and free of harsher chemicals, Colorwash Shampoo is also designed without any animal testing involved, making it easy to feel good about the enhanced texture and shine you get. While improvements are immediately noticeable after just a few washes, daily use combined with other Celeb treatments such as Shinewash boost the benefits to your hair even more.

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