Celeb - Gemlites -Flawless Diamond Colorwash 8.25 Oz

Restore and sustain your locks with Celeb Gemlites Flawless Diamond Colorwash, perfect for preserving blonde, white or gray colored hair and thwarting unwanted yellow tones. The advanced formula in this conditioner works to nourish and moisturize strands while also scrubbing away oil and buildup from color treatments. This leaves hair brilliant and smooth in between full treatments, even in harsh weather and humidity; it works well when used daily and is friendly to highlights and balayage as well. This conditioner is designed to be free of sulfates, parabens, ammonia, peroxides and PPD, using vegan ingredients and without any animal testing. Safe and gentle on hair, Gemlites Flawless Diamond provides protection to each strand that�s immediately noticeable, promoting smooth, resilient and frizz-free hair by guarding against chemical damage that color treatments can cause. Combined with cleansing power that wards off discoloration, you�re free to style and color your hair while preserving and enhancing health and natural shine instead of endangering it or covering it up.

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