Celeb - Viral Exteme Silver-Backbar Colorwash 25 Oz

When you have color-treated hair, specialty products can gave you reassurance that your color will not fade, your tresses will never dry out, and your hair will always be full of light. Viral Extreme Silver-Backbar Colorwash by Celeb offers all of those things and more. If you have extra conditioning need, this product works well alternating with a Moisturewash. Those who want the most intense color may want to use the product for up to three days without alternating. No matter what is the most important, this colorwash will do the job right. This colorwash is entirely vegan and has never been tested on animals. It also uses no parabens, peroxide, sulfates, or ammonia to provide a safe grooming option. You can use it on isolated locks that require more treatment or blend through your entire mane for an exciting look. It�s gentle when used daily and perfect for color-treated or brittle hair to add a dash of moisture to your style.

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