Celeb - Viral Extreme Hot Pink Color Wash Shampoo 8.25 Oz

You�ve decided to go bold with hot pink hair, but you want a lasting color that doesn�t fade quickly or make your hair brittle. Fortunately, there�s Viral Extreme Hot Pink Color Wash Shampoo by Celeb. Whether you�re adding radiant new color to your light or bleached hair or maintaining a lustrous pink, you can trust Color Wash shampoo to give you the results you need. It cleanses and moisturizes just like a regular shampoo while adding a gleaming color boost to keep your hair a glowing pink. Viral Extreme shampoos are specially formulated for chemically treated hair and eschew harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens that might dry out your style. For best results, use up to three times a week and follow up with your favorite conditioner. Celeb is committed to making phenomenal hair care products that are vegan and cruelty free while still being innovative and inspiring. Artists and stylists can rely on its effective color technology to inspire and enhance hairstyles of any color.

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