Celeb - Viral Extreme Purple Color Wash Shampoo 8.25 Oz

Using Viral Extreme Purple Color Wash Shampoo by Celeb is the easiest way to add and maintain a vibrant purple hair color. The vegan dye is already mixed into the shampoo, so all you need to do is massage it in, let set for about five minutes, and rinse it out like normal shampoo. Extreme Purple creates a brilliant purple color in light or bleached hair and prevents fading in your stunning violet locks. It also works great for creating highlights in lightened hair. It�s so easy to use, even an amateur can create stunning masterpieces of multi-colored hair. The formula is free of harsh chemicals and is enhanced with cleansers and moisturizers. For best results, use up to three times a week and follow each wash with your favorite conditioner. Celeb is committed to making high quality products for customers and artists to create amazing styles and colors. Their many excellent products inspire stylists to surpass the limits of what is possible in hair design.

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