Celeb - Viral Extreme Purple Color Wash Shampoo 8.25 Oz

Keep your purple hair bright and healthy with Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Purple. This is the best conditioning treatment to ensure that your hair gets a dose of color with every use, which makes it one of the finest color-treated-hair products that you can use. Hair is left brilliant, soft, and easy to manage with every use of the conditioning treatment. This is due to the extra-gentle formula and ingredients. You do not have to worry about the harshness of chemicals, such as sulfates and ammonia, causing your color to fade or your locks to become dry. This conditioner ensures that your hair color does not fade prematurely, making it easier to maintain your bold style. Every strand is doused in nourishment and hydration each time you apply the product. The conditioning treatment keeps your hair healthy and strong. It also will be easy to style your cut in the way you prefer, and your locks will be silky and shiny.

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