Celeb - Viral Pastel Rose Gold Hybrid Toner Conditioner 8.25 Oz

When searching for a good hair conditioner for your color-treated hair, you can�t settle for less than the best. Celeb�s Viral Pastel Rose Gold Hybrid Toner Conditioner not only brings the beauty back to your color-treated hair, but it restores and tones to preserve your lustrous, subtly shimmering pastel rose gold color in salon-ready condition. Use it as a toner to add subtle temporary highlights to natural or bleached blonde, layer it on lightened hair for a look that�s both creative and beautifully elegant, or use the patented BondFix technology and Bondurance Complex to replenish, moisturize, and repair the ionic bonds that keep your hair healthy. Bondfix saturates every hair strand with reparative compounds that detangle and smooth out breakage to recover the effects of color treatment and restore your stunning shine. You deserve a conditioner that�s as bold and vivid as you � but soft and gentle enough to be kind to your hair. With Viral Pastel Rose Gold Hybrid Toner Conditioner, you�ll love the newfound shine and strength of your hair as much as you love the delicate interplay of colors and highlights.

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