Celeb - Viral Silver Hybrid Toner Conditioner 8.25 Oz

Never have a dull day again with the best conditioner and toner for silver hair. Bleaching and dyeing may have left your hair brittle, dry, and in need of repair to restore that salon-perfect shine and keep your tresses as lustrous as pure metallic silver. With Celeb � Viral Silver Hybrid Toner and Conditioner, you can restore and strengthen your hair to up to 3x the original strength of damaged hair fibers. The secret is in BondFix and Bondurance Complex technology, which coats, strengthens, and hydrates your hair to restore the integrity of the hair fibers and penetrate deep to the core of every strand to smooth away damage and prevent breakage. Use Viral Silver Hybrid Toner and Conditioner to preserve your hair�s sheen between color treatments, and continue to build its strength as every application restores and replenishes your hair to its natural glory. Make combing, brushing, and styling your hair a breeze with this detangling formula that leaves your hair manageable, soft, and damage-free.

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