Celeb - Viral Vivid Magenta Hybrid Toner Conditioner 8.25 Oz

When it comes to color-treated hair, you need a good deep conditioner that restores color-treated hair and protects your luster and shine. With Celeb Viral Vivid Magenta Hybrid Toner Conditioner, you can revitalize your hair with the science of BondFix, a revolutionary treatment designed to repair, strengthen, and beautify after the damage caused by color treatments. Color-treating your hair damages the disulfide, hydrogen, and ionic bonds that give your hair its luster and texture. BondFix technology smooths your hair with layered color deposits that add extra protection and restoration with every deep condition. Keep your color vibrant and pamper your hair with breakage-resistant treatment that infuses your hair with health and vitality while restoring color between salon treatments. You deserve to be pampered, and so does your hair. Keep that rich magenta color toned, lively, and as gorgeous as you. Use Celeb�s Viral Vivid Magenta Hybrid Toner Conditioner for salon-quality treatment and strong, unbreakable hair that can survive any color treatment.

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