Celeb - Viral Vivid Purple Hybrid Toner Conditioner 8.25 Oz

Designed to rebuild your purple-hued, color-treated hair from the inside out, Celeb Viral Vivid Purple Hybrid Toner Conditioner is sure to become the favorite hair conditioning treatment in your personal product collection. A hair spa in a bottle, it helps keep your tresses in tip-top condition between salon trips. The product's formula works by strengthening and brightening your hair with every use. It rebuilds the hydrogen, iconic and disulfide bonds of your hair shafts, working from the inside out. Whatever the condition of your tresses, from dry or damaged to overstressed, Celeb Viral Vivid Purple Hybrid Toner Conditioner will help restore them to a healthy, enviable state. With each application, this hardworking conditioner deposits more color to your hair, giving your locks enhanced color and shine. No matter the hairstyle or hue you choose, this product will keep color fade at bay. Finally, help is on hand to keep your 'do and its color looking fresh and fierce!

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